FAR 61.159 & 61.160 REQUIREMENTS

250 Hours PIC in fixed wing & 50 hours in a multi-engine airplane

Military Helicopter Pilots can convert rotor time to fixed wing ratings in Aviator College's Associate Degree program. Aviator College participates with Veteran's Benefits and the Yellow Ribbon program to create an affordable transition option. Since program length and cost very based on your unique experience and flight time, please submit the following form. Once received, we'll provide you a breakdown of anticipated flight training (hours) and ground classes required*. It will include the anticipated time for completion and cost, to include the max amounts provided from your VA benefits and the Yellow Ribbon program, along with any other anticipated funding, like Airline sponsorship*.

* All pricing and program length times are estimates and may vary based on your VA percentage of eligibility, yellow robbon qualification, and Airline sponsorship funds.

** Books, written and check rides are not included in any cost provided. This will be an additional cost.

Phone Number: 772-466-4822